Fix print creatives

Creatives that do not match the booked size are easily fixed in ADPOINT

When a print creative does not fit booked dimensions, ADPOINT’s nifty scale and crop tools come in handy. The scale tool allows print ads to be scaled to the size of the booking either proportionally on non proportionally. Cropping also allows print ads to be cropped to booked size or any other size set by the user. A clear preview shows the result and upon the users accept, a new version of the print ad is saved.

Automatic cropping

ADPOINT can also be configured to automatically remove cropmarks even without manual intervention.

Color separations? Certainly yes!

It may have been a while since you last cared about color separations and you may even have forgotten about it’s challenges. But ADPOINT separates print files in accordance with customizable separation settings and CMYK channels are easy to display for color savvy operators and color centric advertisers. Great for previewing overprint, spot-color detection and all those old-school print prediction disciplines.

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