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Take control of bleed ads

ADPOINT now features a handy tool for previewing bleeds

Bleed control

We have added a new tool for bleed control to ADPOINT. Now, Ad Ops, Producers and sales-reps can easily preview the bleed setting of any print ad. By the click of a button, ADPOINT highlights the expected bleed area making it very simply to visually verify if bleed is applied correctly.

ADPOINT Bleed control

The green box is the document size of the creative. The light blue area is the bleed size which in this case is 10mm in both width and height.

ADPOINT Bleed Control

Switching on Bleed control highlights the bleed area expected by ADPOINT (the dark blue area) making it simple to see if the green area remains unaffected by bleed.

How does ADPOINT know if an ad requires bleed?

Bleed is most often used in magazine style publications where the layout includes the option of printing to the edge of the paper. ADPOINT typically uses the publication code to determine if bleed is required. If the publication code indicates that a certain creative is intended for a magazine, then bleed settings apply. The dimensions including the bleed area will the appear on the placeholder for the creative and size checks will compensate for bleed in order to measure if a creative has the right size.

ADPOINT Bleed Placeholder

The placeholder for bleed ads now shows the expected creative dimensions with and without bleed.

When is bleed required?

When printing ads that are intended to print right to the edge of a paper, an extra area of ad content overlapping the physical dimension of the ad is required. Bleed ads typically appear in magazine style publications – rarely in newsprint.

Because printing and paper cutting equipment is not always 100% precise, undesired white areas from the paper could appear next to an ad or other content printed at the edge of the paper. In order to compensate for this, extra content (images or colors) are added to the ad file to overlap the area where the paper is cut. In other words, bleed ads have artwork outside the dimension of the ad itself.

The area added to compensate for the bleed is called the bleed area and typically up to 10mm is added in both width and height. This means that an bleed ad creative booked for i.e 86×100 mm should in fact be 96×110 mm.

Bleed control is available in ADPOINT 7.11 from February 2022.

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